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Master that most valuable of resources - time. Effective time management relates to the achievement of business objectives, key tasks and jobs. Relate personal performance to the efficient use of available time.

Who should attend?

This course is a must if you often find yourself working late to ensure all your tasks are completed. Also essential for those who are often late for meetings and occasionally miss deadlines.


  • Make time work for you to meet your deadlines every time

  • Spot potential interruptions and deal with them decisively to avoid time-wasting

  • Prioritise tasks to reduce stress and avoid working late

  • Delegate to others so you get the jobs done that really matter

Course Overview:


  • Identify and create your personal time management system.

  • Watch out for the Time Bandits and uncover strategies to beat them.

  • Motivate yourself to use your time creatively and productively.

  • Break free of your comfort zone and uncover natural and unnatural obstacles.


  • How to use a priority matrix.

  • Calculate controllable and uncontrollable time.

  • Turn values into goals into objectives into tasks - every day!

  • Manage deadlines stress-free and learn strategies for solving possible time management problems.


  • Respond effectively to changing priorities and demands within your organisation.

  • Learn to organise and conduct an efficient and effective meeting.

  • Be assertive, and learn the art and science of delegation.

Duration : 1 Day

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