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Manage and prevent stress to restore calm and perform at your optimum level. Practical solutions to spot and control rising levels of stress and anxiety.

Who should attend?

Those who find it hard to manage the pressures facing them at work and want to restore calm, clarity and concentration to their roles. You should also attend if you are responsible for helping others with high levels of stress. Benefits:

  • Reaction strategies to deal with stress and manage the situation effectively

  • Learn to relax and reduce physical health risks for personal wellbeing

  • Help others identify and manage their stress for a more effective team/workplace

Course Overview:

  • Understanding stress: What is stress and why does it happen? Understanding the seven illusions that surround the concept of stress. Pinpointing the signs, symptoms and causes of stress. Learn to break the vicious cycle of stressful thinking. The vital link between your beliefs, perceptions and your experience of stress. Understand the difference between reactivity and responsibility.

  • Managing stress: Learn practical insights, tools and techniques to manage stress. Focus your mental energy, think positively and respond proactively. Conquer stress triggered by change using highly effective strategies.

  • Preventing stress: Interrupt the stress reaction before it occurs. Recognise the root cause of all forms of stress and 'nip it in the bud'. Prevent anger and conflict escalating in relationships. Take the stress out of working with difficult people.

Duration : 1 Day


This course is currently available as an In-House course - However, many people searching for this course also attend our Discover NLP course that also covers in-depth skills and techniques for stress-management.

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