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Speak in front of people without feeling nervous. Get your message across with successful presentations. Make people listen.

Who should attend?

Those required to deliver presentations to colleagues and / or customers. Delegates include salespeople, marketing professionals and managers.


  • Make presentations with confidence in an exciting and professional manner

  • Use body language to maximise your presentation and make a real impact on your audience

  • Handle nerves and channel nervous energy into your presentation

Course Overview:

Introduction and objectives:

  • Understanding what holds us back.

  • Identifying our positive image.

  • Supercharging your image.

Planning and preparation:

  • The importance of identifying a clear objective.

  • Understanding our audience's needs, concerns, benefits.

  • What holds an audience's attention and what sends them to sleep.

Structuring the talk:

  • Gaining impact and interest with introductions.

  • Getting your audience into a 'yes' mindset.

  • Structuring the body of the talk into clear chunks.

  • Using persuasive language.

  • Selecting material for quality not quantity.

  • Closing the presentation.

Non-verbal communication:

  • Standing and gesturing to look confident and credible.

  • Eye contact.

  • Vocal skills to give authority and projection to the voice.

  • Pausing and emphasis to add impact.

Question and answer sessions:

  • Handling questions concisely and confidently.

  • Tips on using visual aids.

Duration : 2 Days

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