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Understand to be understood
If you are looking to achieve optimum results from work situations that involve other people, then improving your communication skills is for you. Benefits:
  • Understand your own personal communication style and how it impacts on those you are communicating with

  • Use your communication style to influence others and develop more effective relationships

  • Communicate effectively to 'gain the edge' and achieve your objectives

  • Know what skills are available to you, and how and when to use them

Course Overview:

  • Successful communication

  • The barriers to successful communication

  • The characteristics of an excellent communicator

  • Methods of communication

  • The essentials of communication

  • Develop listening skills and build rapport

  • Perception and the impact we make

  • Determine what skills are required and how to use them

  • Communication styles

  • Identify individual styles

  • Understand what these different styles mean

  • Adapt your style to that of others and different situations

  • How to use communication

  • Hints and tips on applying the skills developed on the course

  • Case studies of effective use of communication

  • Ensure the communication is relevant

Duration : 1 Day


This course is currently available as an In-House course - However, many people searching for this course also attend our Introduction to NLP course that also covers in-depth skills and techniques for communication skills.

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