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Saturday 27th March 2010


Presuppositions - The Subtle Art of Influence Through Words

I'd be as bold to say that John Grinder and Richard Bandler would probably say that out of all the Milton and Meta-model patterns to learn; "Presuppositions are at the heart of them". Milton Erickson also a master easily created change and influenced people's lives by knowing how to direct their thinking subtly and gently but with extreme accuracy and vision.

Before you've even considered attending this Master-Class and the ways in which you'll be able to subtly influence peoples thought patterns, you may wish to actually think about - that as this is an extremely powerful exploration into the hidden world of presuppositions, firstly which areas of your life do you really desire to benefit from using these.


...hidden deep within your sentences you can easily learn how to motivate others, create spellbinding presentations, deliver the right words at the right time and even create change and continue the change into the years after the session has finished.

These are only just a few of the things you'll learn in depth and as this is an advanced training master-class you'll have learnt how to advance your communication skills beyond the practitioner and master practitioner syllabus.

Because this fascinating and powerful set of presuppositions will advance your skills in communication and conversational hypnosis and change; just these 24 presuppositional variations can subtly influence and change your own mind too.

As this is the case even after the day you'll also be realising about the possibilities of having learnt these and how you'll be putting them to work for you. Then after that's happened what further opportunities you'll have in being directive, subtle, and accurate in your construction of language to influence. So before you book just look at...

Some of What You'll Learn in Just 1 Day

  • Which 24 presuppositions to easily use the most in depth
  • How to construct subtly artful & powerful sentences
  • Know how to create change and influence even when your not there
  • The secrets to nesting and looping presuppositions¬
  • How to embed hidden meanings deep and deeper into sentence structures


Its held at the Blue Mountain Conference Centre in Bracknell

Blue Mountain Golf Centre
Wood Lane
RG42 4EX

For Who

NLP Practitioner & above


Because I only want dedicated people that wish to advance their skills in NLP I am only allowing a select group of 12 people onto this course. This is a closed door Advanced Masterclass workshop and for this your investment is only £297. Book by Friday 19th March and invest in yourself for only £97 and save £200!

FREE BONUS OFFER for joining

Once you've booked I'm also giving away a FREE MP3 Live Recording of the event for you to use in your iPod or MP3 Player which has the replay value that easily covers the the cost of the course time and time again (worth £95.00) - How fairer can I be? Act Now and -

To make it EASIER FOR YOU TO JOIN you can
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Of course if you wish to take advantage of this UPGRADE BONUS read below.


Only 4 people will get to attend a special VIP only 1 and 1/2 hour 'doors closed' private extended event after the day has finished.

For this you'll:

  1. Construct what you've learn't in the day into the best possible presuppositional variations for your business or needs and get highly focused feedback.
  2. Learn what non-verbal presuppositions are and how they effect the rest of the presuppositions you use.

To be in this Bonus VIP Group Session JOIN by Clicking the Button Below for only an extra £67

This is a great course, you'll get alot out of this hope to see you soon.







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