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This FULLY CERTIFIED and ACCREDITED NLP Practitioner Training is more than learning the core theory, knowledge and practical applications of NLP, it will give you the ability to integrate the changes into your personal and business life so that you will make profound and long lasting changes.

Our delegates constantly praise us on our ability to blend experiential learning with the knowledge of NLP to build life changing events.


“ I came on the course because of an interest in the techniques and a desire to learn new skills to use in my work. I never expected the personal change I made in such an intense way over just a few days. Whilst at times I was maybe a little sceptical about certain elements, my mind was absolutely convinced about it all after some incredibly powerful experiences which have significantly changed my perspective on my own life. For that I am truly grateful.” Helicopter Flight Sergeant - RAF


“Life changing is a complete understatement. So many connections made to make my map so much clearer.”



“Well worth the investment & I would highly recommend to anyone looking to enlighten their lives and enrich their performance. I enjoyed most the trainers interest in everyone's best interest.”



“I knew I wanted to train in NLP but didn't appreciate why! Now I know why! I enjoyed most meeting the group, the energy and charisma of everybody including the trainer.”



“Bloody brilliant as usual”



“Every second was a journey in itself. Every minute a recovery. Every hour and every day opened my eyes to new possibilities”



“I thought the size of the group was perfect and the support i received from Robert and each other was one of the most incredible aspect of the course. Thank You”



“I just loved the course and loved the learning. Being in a small group felt safe and allowed all of us to delve deeper than we possibly would have done in another environment. Thanks again for the Journey”

Incorporating the latest developments

  • New Code NLP changes

    We are probably one of, if not the only NLP Training company in the UK to fully integrate the New Code NLP changes* into our NLP Practitioner programme. This is a highly important integration as 'Dr. John Grinder' Co-creator of NLP states:

    "Looking back from the perceptual position of 2002, especially with the advantage of having created a second code for NLP application, it is clear that there are certain flaws in the coding of what has come to be known as the classic code (roughly, the set of patterns coded by Grinder and Bandler during their collaboration 1973 – 1979)." Whispering in the Wind

5 Reasons why you can choose this NLP course

  • This NLP course is delivered over 8 days with 10 days learning time in an accelerated learning format. Perfect for busy people.
  • This course is balanced to offer real world applications and scenarios that are immediately applicable in business and coaching contexts as well as your personal life.
  • This NLP Practitioner course includes major changes to classic code NLP developments that significantly alter both the learning experience and result **
  • This is a practical and experientially led NLP Practitioner programme that means you have plenty of opportunity to use and perfect your skills.
  • You have access to a trainer who has over 14 years of NLP experience with a wide ranging background and set of skills from commercial business and sales to coaching, therapy and the arts. This maximises your learning across many contexts and thereby enriches your whole learning experience.

This course is a powerful and life changing event that produces immediate benefits. If you are looking to progress your career and life and wish to achieve those changes you desire that others have, then you should book this course now.


Our NLP Practitioner course will bring you into a world of choice, change and opportunity that can only be measured by the diversity of your imagination.


Would you like to:

  • Create rapport with anyone quickly and easily
  • Naturally influence and understand others deeply
  • Have the mental agility to answer your own questions
  • Put yourself back in control of your emotional states
  • Charismatically be persuasive in all communications
  • Have the skills & know-how to help your loved-ones, friends & colleagues
  • Have the abilities & confidence to be in charge of achieving your dreams
  • Be effective & powerful in coaching anyone in any situation
  • Gain personal alignment and congruence in all you choose to accomplish
  • Understand who you really are
  • Know why you repeat 'the same old patterns' and how to break them


Creating a rich beginning and understanding of yourself, loved ones, friends and colleagues you will be drawn into new landscapes of ever expanding probability.


What will I learn on this NLP Practitioner Course?

On this NLP certification course you will learn the core principles of NLP that underly the structure of human behaviour and development. Learning the main principles and structure of influence, communication and how we create our habits, you will have at your hand significant tools to make deep and lasting powerful changes.

The heart of NLP

  • Rapport - Get in “sync” with anyone and develop relationships through unconscious interaction
  • Calibration - The art of learning and responding to non-verbal messages
  • Representational systems - How we comprehend the world through our five senses
  • Epistemology - Examining the foundation of beliefs, perceptions and values, and the behaviours which flow from them

NLP Patterns

  • Submodalities – Understanding the building blocks of any behaviour
  • Anchoring formats – Creating powerful, high performance mental and emotional states
  • Time Lines – Working with time perception for Future Pacing, Strategic Planning and Changing Personal History
  • Subconscious Signals – Working with your unconscious for congruent self alignment
  • Strategies – Processes that we use to make decisions, get motivated, learn & do anything

Language for a Change

  • The Meta- Model - The art of elegant questioning and persuasion
  • The Milton-Model – Entrancing language for transformative change
  • Verbal Package – Understanding and using precision questioning techniques for inquiry
  • Metaphor – Colourful orchestrations of impacting and dynamic narrative
  • Vocal dynamics – Influencing the way people respond to you using vocal dynamics

Powerful Change & Influence

  • Six Step Reframe – Create powerful change for personal evolution and health
  • The Swish Pattern – Out with the old in with the new, a compelling change technique
  • Phobia Cure – A powerful technique to cure phobias or fears
  • Parts Integration – Discover negotiation patterns for resolving conflict
  • New Code NLP – The Wisdom of using our unconscious processes in generating change
  • Framing Formats – Mental mind sets that set the stage & dramatically influence change
  • PACER – Directive goal and measurement tool including ecology of decisions

You will be entranced in learning NLP in ways that will immeasurably change your life. Effective in your career, abilities and pursuits you will unfold the pages to your new life.


How can I be an NLP Practitioner in only 8 days?

You will become an NLP Practitioner in 8 days because this course provides you with the major elements that are necessary in understanding and utilising the key developments and aspects of NLP. This NLP Practitioner course has been designed using an accelerated learning system, this means the NLP you learn is through what is called 'Unconcsious Assimilation'.

Eight day or twenty day NLP Practitioner course?

Twenty day courses were initially designed back in the early days of NLP as a way of incorporating all the known NLP material at the time. Like most developments streamlining and efficiency happens through time and as such what could be achieved in 20 days can now be achieved in less time.

Our Eight day format covers in-depth the NLP Practitioner sylabus as well as providing plenty of experience and explicit knowledge of NLP. This makes it an extremely effective and efficient choice for you and therefore allows you to spend the extra time incorporating your new found skills back into you life where it will make the most difference.


What certificate do I get?

Your NLP Practitioner certificate is certified by the internationally recognised NLP University Global NLP Training and Consulting Community (NLP GTC).


Are you easy to get to?

We are located just off the M3 and nr to the M4 with easy access by rail and car. We are about 40 minutes drive outside of London and with plenty of very low cost excellent value accomodation close by for those that wish to stay and enjoy the idylic countryside.


What other people achieved from this course

These excerpts are from our delegates that have already put into practice their newly found NLP skills and the difference it made to their lives. While we don't know in what specific areas you will make similar and significant changes, we do know that later you will probably wonder why you never did it earlier!
So book now and take the strain out of never knowing why.

Enjoyable, thought provoking, stimulating and practical. Just do It
Sally a mother of two, needed new skills & confidence to return to work. After her NLP training she secured a new role in HR. Working for a blue-chip organisation she is now using her skills to motivate and empower her employees.

The course was so empowering, it provided me with powerful tools for my own self development and showed me how I can be even more creative with what I do. Your consciousness shifts immediately and suddenly all of your dreams seem possible!
Sharlene dreamt of turning her talent into a career. Using her newly found NLP skills she embraced the techniques and learnt how to attract new customers by appealing to their unconscious way of thinking. Now self-employed, she runs her own successful online jewellery catalogue.

By learning the right tools, you will create a new attitude and mental ability where you will make the right choice, change and opportunities happen.


* The NLP Practitioner Training is not New Code NLP Training. This is a different set of training experiences. We have designed this course to integrate the changes, practices and principles of New Code NLP as set out and stated in John Grinder and Carmen Bostic St. Clair's book 'Whispering in the Wind'

**Ask other providers whether they have included the New Code changes into their work and if so what and how specifically - These make a difference.

Join us on this fantastic voyage and discover more about yourself and what you are capable of achieving.


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Where and when?


6th to 13th March- 2010 - Berks/Hants/Surrey

24th to 31st July - 2010 - Berks/Hants/Surrey

14th to 21st August - 2010 - London


Please enquire about your investement as we offer discounts for early bird booking and volume booking of several people or more.

Special Booking price for Practitioner and Master Practitioner - enquire.

Free: Full in-depth and knowledge based training manual


Blue Mountain Conference centre Bracknell, Berkshire. nr Reading, Guildford and Basingstoke

How to Book: - Download our Registration form, or go to our Online NLP Booking form.
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