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NLP Master Practitioner

Learn How to Master Your NLP

Don't just do NLP: Live It!

What if you can totally create the life you want to have
rather than have the life you live?

From the foremost NLP Modellers and Masters in the world including the Co-Creator of NLP Dr. John Grinder, Robert Dilts and David Gordon, Robert Ballentine shares with you his 15 years of experience into 14 days in how precisely to be a Master of NLP and an NLP Master Modeller in this powerful hands-on-experience.

You will learn what Robert has learnt and refined for over 15 years, the insider secrets, tips and tricks of how to really model and
learn the skills you need to create the life you want to have.

Ordinary people learn from experience.
Wise people learn from OTHER peoples' experience

So join us...

  • Only if you want to completely master your life, your emotions, learn any skill with the speed and grace to bring your success faster than any other way of learning
  • Only if you want to discover how to change what has held you back and totally transform your life into one without limitations
  • Only if you desire to be the best you can and don't know how
  • Only if you wish to create change in others that lasts and profoundly changes their lives too, then, and Only now can you do this course, this programme, this way of learning that will totally transform your life to the one you have always wanted to have Now join...

"I want to Master My Life - Not do NLP: But to Live it!"

November 20 - 26 2010 Part I
Mid Feb 2011 Part 2
Bracknell, Berkshire

On this NLP Master Practitioner training course, you learn the key skills that will let you master your life in all that you do.

Read this and begin to understand how you will...

They Laughed When I Sat Down At the Piano But When I Started to Play! --

"Can he really play?" a girl whispered. "Heavens no!" Arthur exclaimed. "He never played a note in his life."

Arthur had just played "The Rosary." The room rang with applause. I decided that this would be a dramatic moment for me to make my debut. To the amazement of all my friends, I strode confidently over to the piano and sat down.

"Jack is up to his old tricks," somebody chuckled. The crowd laughed. They were all certain that I couldn't play a single note.

"Can he really play?" I heard a girl whisper to Arthur.

"Heavens, no!" Arthur exclaimed "He never played a note in all his life... But just you watch him. This is going to be good."
I decided to make the most of the situation. With mock dignity I drew out a silk handkerchief and lightly dusted off the piano keys. Then I rose and gave the revolving piano stool a quarter of a turn, just as I had seen an imitator of Paderewski do in a vaudeville sketch.

"What do you think of his execution?" called a voice from the rear.

"We're in favor of it!" came back the answer, and the crowd rocked with laughter.

Then I Started to Play

Instantly a tense silence fell on the guests. The laughter died on their lips as if by magic. I played through the first few bars of Beethoven's immortal Moonlight Sonata. I heard gasps of amazement. My friends sat breathless -- spellbound!

I played on and as I played I forgot the people around me. I forgot the hour, the place, the breathless listeners. The little world I lived in seemed to fade -- seemed to grow dim -- unreal. Only the music was real. Only the music and visions it brought me. Visions as beautiful and as changing as the wind blown clouds and drifting moonlight that long ago inspired the master composer. It seemed as if the master musician himself were speaking to me -- speaking through the medium of music -- not in words but in chords. Not in sentences but in exquisite melodies!

A Complete Triumph!

As the last notes of the Moonlight Sonata died away, the room resounded with a sudden roar of applause. I found myself surrounded by excited faces. How my friends carried on! Men shook my hand -- wildly congratulated me -- pounded me on the back in their enthusiasm! Everybody was exclaiming with delight -- plying me with rapid questions... "Jack! Why didn't you tell us you could play like that?"... "Where did you learn?" -- "How long have you studied?" -- "Who was your teacher?"

"I have never even seen my teacher," I replied. "And just a short while ago I couldn't play a note."

"Quit your kidding," laughed Arthur, himself an accomplished pianist. "You've been studying for years. I can tell."

"I have been studying only a short while," I insisted. "I decided to keep it a secret so that I could surprise all you folks."

Then I told them the whole story...

This is what you learn on our NLP Master Practitioner programme... not how to play the piano; You learn The ability to learn how to learn -'NLP Modelling in full. HOW to learn the one thing that will make the most and utmost difference to your life - now - just think about it for a minute...

If, you could learn from someone, maybe even someone whom you don't yet know, a skill... this this one thing that would have taken you years to learn and did them, by trial and error, - Â but that will accelerate you from where you are... to where you desire to be now looking back... just see and deeply feel... what an incredible difference this is now making to your life from here...

Do it now!

...because you can and do want to learn without having to make those same mistakes don't you - wish to learn...

...from someone who has already been there and learnt it all from the top... from the masters... from the people who know now you will do it...well...and create for the first time just the life you have been waiting for... because he has spent his time learning the very art of NLP to bring you what you need to know to do the same without ever having to spend 15 years to learn it all... now...is the time to create your life and live it! isn't it.

Compelling reasons to attend

  1. You will learn from one of the UK's Top NLP Trainers with over 15 years experience
  2. Small dedicated class size that will maximise your learning
  3. Learn the real secrets of the Holy Grail of NLP - NLP Modelling
  4. Have personal and direct access to your Trainer and not just assistants
  5. Learn how to really LIVE NLP and to not just do it!
  6. You will learn what others take years to learn in less than a few weeks
  7. What you've always wanted you can have

You will learn

  • The Holy Grail - How to acquire anyone's skill or ability that has taken years to perfect - through NLP Modelling
  • By them we stand, by them we fall - To understand and change the nature of beliefs and reality to create compelling futures of worth
  • God is in the detail - The driving blocks of our internal and external world and how we can create infinite arrays of possibilities in our minds
  • River Delta Sea - How to recognise the very nature of how you and others respond and act upon certain types of information
  • Emergent possibilties - The art of integrating your unconsious with your consious for choices of wisdom
  • New beginnings - and most of all you will discover the basis for changing the very fabric of your being - if you choose

Meet the Expert

Your Trainer for this NLP Master Practitioner is:

Robert Ballentine: Robert has spent over 15 years training and developing NLP and Hypnosis. He has extensive skill and knowledge in not just NLP but also in how to apply it into many different situations, from Business Development and International Sales at board level to the Arts and Music, Sports and Personal/Executive Coaching. He is an expert in the field of modelling and creating NLP Patterns for which he is the creator of "Myths, Metaphors and Identity TM" a powerful and transformative process and "Integrating Mind & Body TM" to which Dr. John Grinder said "We need a great deal more of this type of work available". John and his partner Carmen Bostic St.Clair are also quoted as saying about Robert -

“We have a most favourable impression of your intelligence and most importantly, your perceptions and your ability to integrate experience and analysis”
“That’s as lovely a representation of the importance of avoiding repetitive patterning ….as I have ever read or heard “
- Pattern Interrupts

Robert brings to the training his years of experience in understanding and applying NLP in so many different situations. Participants are always commenting on the value of knowledge available as well as the amazing training they receive. The welcome is always warm and friendly. The training is equally balanced between real-life practical examples and theory. Such that...

Robert doesn't teach NLP - he shows you NLP in all that he does so that you learn by example.

The Comprehensive NLP Master Practitioner course is designed for...

  • Coaches - that require exquisite skills to help transform their clients lives easily and effectively
  • Executive Coaches - and those in managing roles that require elegant and effective ways to coach on and off the job and make a difference
  • New business owners - who need guaranteed ways of making their business work first time, all the time and in profit
  • Sales professionals - to those that wish to make a significant difference to the relationships with their clients and provide a more rewarding experience for them so that they remain loyal and want to buy more from them
  • Leaders - that need to inspire and reach others as well as be the message for others to follow
  • Managers - who must have skills to manage from the front and create winning teams
  • PA's - that need more effective tools with which to manage their bosses and really be the centre and pillar of the organisation
  • Musicians & artists- who want to unblock that which stops them from creating their great art
  • Sports people - who need other ways in how to be the best in their sport and where hard graft just doesn't do it anymore
  • Anyone - who realizes that the things that hinder them can be gone forever allowing room for those things that will make them a success
  • Modellers - for those that wish to really learn NLP Modelling and its secrets.

Certification and Accreditation

This NLP Master Practitioner course is certified and accreditited through the NLP University GTCC (Global Training and Consulting Community) this allows you to recieve the appropriate membership with the UK's Association for NLP - ANLP, as does our NLP Practitioner Course.

Space is Limited

If it were up to me. I'd put 150 people in a big hall so they could all take this class. That's how much I know people will get out of it. However we decided that the maximum class size would be 12 people only! We want every person to have ready access to the trainer and have plenty of opportunities to get every question answered.

So even though we'll have to turn some people away, the people who enroll early will get a real treat.


Your investment in your future is only ÂŁ2047

What you should do now!

So please, fill in the quick registration form below right now and secure your place in our NLP Master Practitioner - Live it! training course. Or use the electronic booking form here

We look forward to seeing your there.

For a complete course outline please contact the office by either useing the form above stating your request or by phone on 01252 861351

Where & When?



Winter: 20th - 26th November Part I - Hampshire

Winter: Mid Feb 2011 Part II - Hampshire

Registration: 09:30

Training Times: The first day is from: 10:00 - 18:00

Free: In-depth and knowledge based NLP Training Manual

Special Booking price for Practitioner and Master Practitioner - enquire.


Blue Mountain Conference centre Bracknell, Berkshire. Near Reading, Guildford and Basingstoke


Robert Ballentine

How to Book: - Download our Registration form, or go to our Online NLP Booking form fill in and send with your payment to the address listed.

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