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1 Day Introduction to Hypnosis PDF

Experience for the first time just why Hypnosis and Altered States of Consiousness can make amazing changes to your life.


PLEASE NOTE: This event is no longer offered because it has been so popular we have therefore now integrated it into a FREE 2 day event.

'The Power of You' 2 Day FREE NLP Weekend


In this one day seminar you will learn some of the most indepth Hypnosis personal change methods there are. Taught by Stephen Gilligan, one of the worlds foremost Hypnotherapists, Robert will demonstrate how you can also experience long lasting and profound change.

  • Have you ever wanted to know what Hypnosis is really all about?
  • Have you ever wanted to know whether or not you too can go into a trance?
  • Learn powerful hypnotic skills
  • learn how to use the power of your unconsious mind for deep change
  • Harness the untapped resources of your mind
  • Discover why hypnosis is not just for personal change but can also be used at work!
  • Learn why is hypnosis so powerful?
  • Have at your fingertips powerful hypnotic skills

Discover the core skills of hypnosis introduced through an interactive experience that are applied in the context of your life.

"This is going to be an amazing experience!"

Book early!

Our seminars are always popular and book up. We really do suggest that if you are wishing to learn about Hypnosis and wish to really know what it is about, that you book early and reserve your place now.


Where & When


4 - 5 April 2009 - Berks/Hants/Surrey

20 - 21 June 2009 - Berks/Hants/Surrey¬

5 - 6th Sept 2009 - Berks/Hants/Surrey

Training Times: 9:30 am - 17:30 pm

Investment: £FREE


Hampshire - Yateley nr, Reading, Guildford and Basingstoke

Trainer: Robert Ballentine

How to Book: - Download our Registration form, or go to our Online NLP Booking form fill in and send with your payment to the address listed.

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