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NLP It's a Revolution - Disruptive Technology

It’s funny, when I first began NLP, hardly anyone to whom I had spoken to had heard about it. Yet 15 years on and nearly everyone I speak to has either heard about it, been on a course, read something or knows someone who’s done it. The only common factor between today and all those years ago is that people still call it something else i.e. NPL or MLP and still can’t say the acronym (neuro-linguistic-programming)!

The Truth about Cats and Dogs

More than man’s best friend?

Cesar Milan calls himself ‘The dog whisperer’. And has good right to call himself such. You may be aware of the film entitled ‘The horse whisperer’ whose main character, played by Robert Redford was a horse trainer with exceptional abilities. Like the character Robert played, Cesar Milan has an exceptional gift with dogs and being a ‘Pack Leader’.


We sometimes find that reading quotes from other people can be quite inspirational. For some people they can be the little spark that made them change the way they think, and then inherantly act. We hope you too can find something of inspriation here.

If you know of other quotes that you feel should be here too, please send them in.


Behaviour is a mirror in which everyone shows his image. Johann Wolfgang von Goeth
Toms 10 Facts of Life


As a young sailor I learned that when you're in a strange town, you take your corners wide and keep your hands out of your pockets. In other words, you need to stay balanced, alert and ready to react to surprises. Come to think of it, that's a pretty good rule in ANY unfamiliar situation. Keep your balance and stay centered.

NLP Celebration Technique
While Christmas is just around the corner and the turkey is fattening it's way towards someone’s dinner plate, the New Year's festivities are lurching in the background ready to dispense with their resolutions and keep-fit regimes.
The Secret Within
There are the skills that therapists use when they both learn their art and later refine it through practice, yet many therapists are not taught some of the most important skills they need: The ability to create rapport at an unconscious level. In this article we explore some of the key skills that are required to be a successful therapist in all of their endeavours.
Life Coaching
When we think of Coaching or Coaches we tend to think of people who Coach sports teams or individuals and not personal Coaching.
What is NLP Modelling
NLP Modelling is accelerated learning. NLP Modelling is the ability to fully replicate a desirable skill or behaviour that another person has into two discrete parts
What is NLP?
NLP is the study of excellence. The study of how a person excels in a particular skill or set of skills.
Guide to choosing your Life Coach

Act of Impartiality

“Commissioner Gordon, the Joker is on the rampage again”

“Where’s the BatPhone?”

Dialling the famous Bat number Commissioner Gordon waited studiously...

Tools that work for a change
Why is NLP increasingly being integrated into therapy practices? The owner of a broken down ship contacts a technician to repair his vessel. After receiving a bill for £1,000 and somewhat bemused at the price, he phones him up to get a breakdown of the costs. The technician tells him that the mechanical cost of repairing his ship was £1.00 and that £999 was for knowing where to tap.
Respecting our Boundaries
Respecting boundaries between you and your client. Part 1. Have you ever commented after a session with a client “I seem to have taken on my clients headache” or “I feel drained and not in such a good mood, though the session went well and my client is pleased”?
NLP the future is modelling
Does NLP have a future without modelling? You either love it or hate, but either way, you can’t disagree - NLP is here to stay. The question is, in what form?
Beyond the Edge of Reason
Believe it or Not The turkey has fattened the New Years resolution and the party spirit waned and in need of vitality for the year ahead, while on the shelf dusty and hidden lay the resolutions from new years past. How do you plan to make this year's resolutions different?
NLP Perceptual Positions-Triple Description
How to create 'Triple Descriptions' Part 2 from Respecting Boundaries.  In this article we will detail a particular exercise that will guide you through the steps needed to learn the triple description.
Where Angels Fear
Modelling vs Trial & Error One of the purposes of Modelling is not only to reduce the trial and error phase, but to avoid it at all costs if possible. What would be the point of it? The purpose of Modelling is both in the replication as much as the efficacy.
Metaphor a Change
Using Metaphor's to 'create change'. What if by telling a story, someone’s life would change? What if stories were more than just things to amuse people? What if ‘Once upon a time…’ really did have a happy ending?
NLP Change Personal History
Have the past you always wished for! Should our past be held accountable for our future? And if so, do we wish our past to be one that will form a desirable present and future?
NLP Phobia Cure
Phobias - a thing of the past. I recently had a client come to me for a phobia she had had for over a decade. She could not remember how or when it started, but knew that she had an uncontrollable panic when confronted with spiders. Even the mere thought of spiders would set her shivering and turn her face pallid. Face to face meetings with spiders were not an option in her life. She had what is commonly known as Arachnophobia
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