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Why Origyn?

Origyn develops NLP Training programmes for business and public communities. These programmes aid in the empowerment of people skills in professional and personal contexts.

What makes Origyn unique is our emphasis on:

  • Applying NLP to real life situations in a practical and informed way.
  • The ability to bring fun into places where others dare not
  • Examples are drawn from real life experiences and not just text books
  • Origyn delivers complex ideas and techniques in formats for easy learning
  • Our training's provide the theory to underpin the practicality of the courses, yet the emphasis is on how you do what you do and not conceptual understanding.

About Origyn

  • Origyn makes high quality NLP training affordable
  • Over 10 years experience in delivering NLP training Seminars and courses
  • Certificated training by the NLP GTC.
  • Training delivered in a fun and relaxed atmosphere
  • Training designed and delivered to meet the needs of the individuals as well as the group
  • Origyn can build bespoke training courses to meet the specific needs and requirements of organisations
  • All delivery is by qualified and experienced NLP Professionals
  • Origyn provides high class NLP, business and personal development training to public and private sectors.

Robert Ballentine

Image Robert is the Managing Director of Origyn. He is a highly qualified and experienced NLP Trainer with over 20 years experience in training, sales and business management. A Certified trainer by¬ Robert Dilts one of the early developers of NLP, Robert brings a wealth of experience and skill to the table. He has also had extensive training with many of the other original developers of NLP including Judith DeLozier, Chris Hall, David Gordon and with Stephen Gilligan who comes from the 'esteemed cousin of NLP' the psychotherapeutic practices of Hypnosis and other than states of consiousness.

Robert has also developed his own unique models, applications and approaches of NLP such as:

  • Integrative parts through de-categorisation
  • Metaphorical analysis and transformation
  • An unconscious change towards future outcomes

As Director of Training for Origyn, Robert is involved in both overseeing the direction of training and how the company addresses the role of NLP in the wider community. He has also written and published articles for the past three years in the international magazine ‚ÄėToday‚Äôs Therapist‚Äô.

Robert delivers training to public and corporate markets, from management development to the NLP Practitioner master-track courses. He also provides personal coaching for senior management as well as private individuals.

  • NLP Training, coaching and NLP development
  • The modelling of high performers
  • High performance coaching
  • Organisational development Strengths based business modelling

"There are many life-coaches, but the secret to successful coaching or any change for that matter is an ethical stance of not introducing your own world views or content into the mix as well as an extreme sensitivity to non-verbal communication" RB

Robert is a recognised trainer in the NLP Community and belongs to the GTCC (Global Training and Consulting Community).

Dr. John Grinder and Professor Allan Snyder

During 2004 Robert worked with Dr. John Grinder co-creator of NLP and Carmen Bostic St.Clair and Professor Alan Snyder on a project in Sydney, Australia at the Centre for the Mind at Sydney University. (www.centreforthemind.com). This involved a project to understand the viability of bringing and mapping together the epistemological works and modelling frames of NLP and Allan's project 'The access of high performance states', using his TMS machine (Trans Magnetic Stimulation).

NLP Practitioner Training Courses