NLP Training Courses & Seminars

ORIGYN is an accredited NLP training and consulting company. We specialise in the development of, teaching and the application of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). We deliver high-end corporate excellence courses as well as public NLP training where people will excel in sales, management, leadership and personal communication.


Our NLP courses are applicable for personal development, coaching, as well as in teaching, sports, the arts and therapy.

Using bespoke training and coaching programmes designed to achieve maximum business results and individual excellence our training programmes take you to the height of corporate and personal success.

Training We provide intimate unique and powerful learning experiences that raise the bar in personal performance and skill level.

Coaching Our coaching programmes give individuals focus, attention and room to change. With one-to-one coaching performance levels instantly rise and clear track learning is focused on company and personal direction.

Consulting Your most valuable asset - is everything that produces the results you want (so we help you identify what works and get best value from your people's strengths) Interested in becoming a ‘Strength Based Business'?

Situated on the borders between Hampshire, Berkshire and Surrey nr. to London, we are ideally placed to offer training with the attitude of a city but within an idyllic country location.

Your passion for the NLP methodology and your knowledge of the subject was evident in your descriptions. Indeed, you are one of the most charismatic proponents I’ve met of this powerful system.

There are myriad reasons and opportunities for coaching practitioners to acquire these important skills

The NLP Training Route

1 Day Introduction to NLP

Our 1 Day Introduction to NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) brings you into the world of NLP. Using some of the key concepts and principles of NLP we introduce you to how NLP can benefit your personal and professional life. After this you can progress to the NLP Practitioner course, though it is not essential to do this course prior the NLP Practitioner course.

NLP Practitioner Training

After attending the 1 Day NLP course or even booking straight onto our NLP Practitioner training course you will learn not only why NLP is becoming the preferred choice of personal and business development and life-enhancement training but also the skills and techniques that will help you in all walks of your life. Whether you wish to use Neuro Linguistic Programming to write a book, or for sales or even to help raise your children, this course will give you those chances and opportunities to make a difference to your life.

Our NLP Practitioner Course is course is fully certified and fulfils the criteria for ANLP and the Global Training and Consulting Community to whom we are members of.

For people that finish their NLP Practitioner course, some continue their learning by developing their skills further and enhancing what they know and how they do it by attending our NLP Master Practitioner Course

NLP Master Practitioner Training

This NLP Master Practitioner course takes your skills to another level. After successfully completing the NLP Practitioner course, you will wish to learn and develop more powerful and pervasive change techniques and NLP models. This is where our NLP Master Practitioner shines, because we show you how you can learn to use NLP Modelling to create massive leaps in your own personal mastery of not only NLP but also areas or a career choice in which you specialise. The NLP Master Practitioner certification is about having the skills, tools and techniques to master the way your mind works and develop new and generative ways of thinking, being and acting.

We will soon be introducing our NLP Trainers Training programme for those that have completed their Master Practitioner course.

NLP in Business

Our public NLP programmes are as equally applicable as NLP in business and can either be tailored or delivered directly. We also provide Management and Soft-Skills learning using NLP as a medium for delivery. As well as NLP in Business we do Executive Coaching and Consulting to help small and other business harness the skills of their staff and creative strengths.










Key Features

  • New Code NLP
  • Smaller Groups
  • Leading-edge NLP
  • Practical & experiential

NLP Master Practitioner

14 Days NLP Modelling Master Practitioner course 'Nov 08'.

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NLP Practitioner Training Courses